DC Palau Team Packs Up; Churches Follow Up

The D.C. Festival Luis Palau team is packing up and moving out of their Springfield office, over a month after the message of Jesus Christ hit the National Mall.

"We're in the process of closing down the office," said Thomas Corcoran, personal assistant to D.C. Festival Director Andrew Palau. The office is relocating to Tyson's Corner where D.C. resident Corcoran and another staff volunteer will be remaining.

More than 60,000 people attended the two-year planned D.C. Festival early October. With downpours on the opening day and some sun on the second, the evangelistic festival kept the show running live and loud across the mall stretch. Over 7,000 people made decisions for Christ, including teenagers and business persons from pre-festival and festival activities.

Each decision came with a response card, whether it was a first time decision or a renewed faith, all of which have been allocated to the local churches to follow-up on every person who raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ during the two festival nights.

With the festival cleared out and work in the D.C. office winding down, the lives of the new and renewed believers now lay in the hands of the churches involved with the D.C. Festival.

"A festival is only as good as the churches and Christians were a part of it," said Corcoran, whose church – Knollwood Community Church in Burke, Va. – is also participating in the follow-up. "[Churches] must continue to unite and continue to work together.

"If decisions are made and people aren't followed-up after, encouraged or discipled, then nothing happens."

A total of 899 churches from the Tri-state area had partnered with the Luis Palau team to bring an impact on the nation's capital. The evangelistic event helped lay the foundation from which churches could unite and catalyze spiritual outreach and discipleship.

"The intent has always been for the churches to make the impact in the area," said Corcoran.

With evangelist Luis Palau and the Palau team out of town, as Corcoran had stated, church leaders and representatives have scheduled to hold a meeting on Dec. 2 at the National Presbyterian Church to give a report on the festival and discuss ways to follow up on the new believers for the next several months.