By Mariel Peralta , CP Contributor
September 21, 2016|12:01 am

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" Photo by: Bungie/Twitter

"Destiny" has a new expansion called "Rise of Iron" that is currently out now.

The game developer, Bungie, has rolled out the new DLC for their first person shooting game, "Destiny". The first few hours of the release weren't as smooth sailing as Bungie hoped it would as many players were having trouble logging in. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved for PS4 and Xbox One.

'Destiny: Rise of Iron' Campaign Features, Price

The newest DLC, "Destiny: Rise of Iron," costs $30 and is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The highly-anticipated expansion includes new features such as new story campaign, quests, weapons, maps and enemy bosses.

According to its official website, players of "Destiny: Rise of Iron" will join under Lord Saladin to solve the mystery of the Iron Lords. Players will face new enemies in the Splicers and Fallen Devils. There is a co-op mode of up to three players in Strike, a six-player co-op mode in Raid and a new multiplayer mode in Crucible where players battle it out against one another.

The new Strike is called "The Wretched Eye" and players will have to fight an enemy boss battle, Business Insider noted. The new mode in Crucible is called "Supremacy" and it has three new maps in it where players can play six vs six.

The new co-op arena mode is called "Archon's Forge" and players will need to survive the batches of Fallen troops in this mode. A new mode in Raid is called "Wrath of the Machine" and it will come by Sept. 23, Friday.

'Destiny: Rise of Iron' Latest News, Updates

Bungie encountered several issues during the launch day of "Destiny: Rise of Iron". The company's servers were unable to cope up with the traffic from players trying to get in the game. IGN noted that Bungie installed a queue system to help remedy their situation. Bungie took to Twitter to announce their plans.

Bungie also explained on their website, teaching players how to get their Gjallarhorn or Iron Gjallarwing. Several hours into the initial launching of "Destiny: Rise of Iron," Bungie was able to resolve all the issues.