Digital Praise Enters Mainstream Market

Digital Praise, a faith-based entertainment software company, has entered into the mainstream marketplace through partnerships with the Navarre Corporation, SOS Network, and Digital River, Inc. The new business relationships will allow Digital Praise to offer its gaming and entertainment software to a larger number of consumers.
Digital Praise’s main product, Adventures in Odyssey, is a computer-game based on the radio show by Focus on the Family. Previously the software was available only through its own website and Christian Booksellers Association outlets.

SOS Network , an outsource sales channel development and management firm, in agreement with Navarre Corporation, a publisher and distributor of home entertainment and multimedia software products, is now a vendor for mainstream retail outlets such as Apple Stores, J&R Music, Frye’s Electronics, and SOS Network will continue to make Digital Praise products available in other retail outlets.

“We are excited to begin introducing our products into the mainstream marketplace, and are grateful for the opportunities our relationship with Navarre Corporation and SOS Network presents to Digital Praise,” said Tom Bean, President and CEO of Digital Praise. “The two companies are recognized leaders in the distribution and sale of home entertainment software, and we are confident that, with their help, Digital Praise products will be met by a warm reception from the mainstream marketplace.”

Digital River, a provider of global e-commerce and e-marketing services, will aid Digital Praise in creating a larger online presence through their new partnership through direct online purchasing and downloading over the Internet.

“Digital Praise is committed to furthering the availability of faith-based software titles for children and families,” said Tom Bean, President and CEO of Digital Praise. “We feel that the messages our products convey will be as inspirational and uplifting to mainstream consumers as they have been to Christian audiences, and that Digital Praise products speak to youth regardless of creed or conviction.”