Diversity Lecture Series Confronts Racism, Poverty in Today's World

Trinity Christian College’s Diversity Lecture Series is challenging the college community to face the problems of racism and poverty in America today.

In the first of Trinity’s “First Monday” lecture series and part of the Diversity Lecture Series, the Rev. Dr. Michael Pfleger exhorted the listeners to confront the evils still prevalent in today’s culture.

The recent disaster in New Orleans, cited Pfleger, “revealed the fact that poverty, racism, and classicism still exist in America, and we should be ashamed of that fact in 2005.”

As pastor of Saint Sabina Church in Chicago, Pfleger has worked with largely African-American communities and been on the frontlines of the battle with racism and poverty.

“The church must return to its roots. We pray for God to help the poor and the disenfranchised and God cries out, ‘No! You help them!’” exclaimed Pfleger at his Oct. 4 talk.

Pfleger reminded his listeners that the church must take an active role in today’s world.

“The church needs to reclaim its identity,” said Pfleger. “We forgot that our job is not to fit into the world, but to get the world to fit into us.”

Like many schools, Trinity has been working on diversity initiatives to serve the community and educate its student body on social issues of great importance today.
The lecture series on diversity, sponsored by Trinity’s Office of Ethnic Diversity, is one way in which the college has addressed diversity in today’s multicultural world.

The college also held its annual Multicultural Celebration on Sept. 29, as a way “to celebrate ethnic identity, cultural spirit, and give students a sense of belonging,” said facilitator Tippi Price.

The Diversity Lecture Series will continue throughout the 2005-2006 school year. Future speakers include Dr. Herma Williams, Associate Provost of Gordon College; the Rev. Esteban Lugo from the Christian Reformed Church; Dr. Deborah Mullen, a faculty member at McCormick Theological Seminary; and the Rev. Sungkie Ahn from Southwest Alliance Church in Illinois.

Trinity Christian College provides four-year liberal arts education with a foundation on Christian traditions. The college is located in Palos Heights, Ill., and currently offers several undergraduate and professional degree programs.