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By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
June 15, 2014|8:06 am

 Ephesians 5:22-6:4

A great deception is spreading in our culture. It's the idea that fathers are irrelevant. This attitude is promoted on television, in movies, and throughout the media. Men are generally portrayed as shallow, self-absorbed, and ignorant. Because of her husband's inadequacy, the mom is pictured as the one who comes to the rescue and wisely solves the family's problems. Furthermore, the prevalence of divorce and the absence of men in the home have led many people in our society to consider fathers unnecessary.

But let us consider what the Lord says about men. After all, He created the family and established the roles for each member. First, God has designated that the husband is to be the head of the wife (Eph. 5:23). Next, He prescribed that children are to honor and obey their parents (6:1-2). This has nothing to do with value; He's simply describing areas of responsibility. All people are valuable-and that includes fathers.

According to God's Word, fathers are to be honored. Now, I know some of you did not experience the blessing of being raised in a home led by a godly man; however, this command isn't dependent upon the circumstances or the person. We are to honor our fathers because of the position given to them by God. Although our dads may have failed in many ways, we are still to treat them with respect.

Instead of taking your father for granted or finding fault, stop and recall the reasons you can be thankful for him. Father's Day is a good opportunity to express your gratitude to him in word and deed.

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