By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
May 12, 2013|11:17 am

Exodus 20:12

Respecting mothers and fathers is so important to the Lord that one of His Ten Commandments relates to parents. On this Mother's Day weekend, it seems fitting to outline ways to honor Mom.

Show unconditional love. Honor begins with accepting a person no matter what. And that means Mom deserves love and respect whether or not you agree with her parenting style. So if you have been measuring her against other women or perhaps by your own preferences of what a mother should be and do, recognize that you've set an unfair standard, and determine to treat her kindly.

Be sympathetic. Mom isn't perfect, and she's under a lot of pressure. Someone calculated that it would take a six-figure salary to hire help for the various tasks mothers perform: driver, laundress, cook, nurse, etc. Mom doesn't expect a paycheck, but we can be understanding when she gets sick or asks for help. And remember, she also needs alone time and an occasional reprieve. The Lord has given her an awesome responsibility-one that doesn't end when her children leave home. See that she receives your attention and compassion.

Listen. Your mother is smarter than you know. She has insight and perspective that can guide you well, particularly if she is a godly woman. God has placed her in your life to look out for you, so be wise enough to listen.

One day a year is simply not enough to show any person his or her value in our sight. Our mothers should know that they can count on our unconditional love, our listening ear when they offer guidance, and our sympathy when they express needs. Let's make every day a mother's day.

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