Dr. Cherry on Increasing Your Energy

Each country or region has its own preferred herbal-type ingredient used to increase energy levels. We set out to develop a formulation that took the herbs from these various regions into one combined capsule that can be taken on a daily basis. Each of these ingredients in very effective alone, and even more so when put together.

• Ginseng tops the list of energy enhancers. This includes the American and Siberian varieties American, which both increase body stamina.
• American ginseng is known for increasing the body's ability to produce energy.
• Siberian ginseng, or eleuthero root is associated more with athletic performance or exercise (which can include doing the shopping).
• Cordyceps is a mushroom extract used by the Chinese. Energy, stamina and endurance are the three words consistently mentioned in literature regarding cordyceps.
• Taurine is an amino acid widely used in energy drinks, especially in Asia. It increases muscle activity, and also stimulates energy levels in the heart. 500 mg a day is the recommended amount.
• Rhodiola, a root that grows in northern latitudes such as Scandinavia, Siberia and Tibet, has both an immediate and long-term energy-boosting effect. A study in the journal of Phytomedicine also showed that it may increase memory and concentration.
• Guarana comes from an evergreen vine in South America. Similar to taurine, it is often found in energy bars. It has works very much like caffeine, but without the jittery effect.
• Mate is widely used as a tea in South America. In Europe, it is approved as a treatment for fatigue.

These are some of the top-ranking and best ingredients we found from societies all over the world. We combined them into a formulation called Energy Support, which can be taken in a convenient daily capsule.

For people who feel tired and fatigued, this may be God's Pathway to Healing for you – for getting more energy and getting more done.