Dr. Cherry on Protecting Your Liver

In addition to the familiar sources such as pesticides and pollution, contaminants can be found in such everyday products as hairspray, nail polish, paint, cleaning agents and synthetic fragrances in soap, air fresheners and perfumes. Some of these ingredients can have a potent effect on the nervous system and increase cancer and disease risks.

There is one common denominator that attempts to deal with and overcome these toxins: the liver. The liver is the biggest organ inside your body and its function is to detoxify and purify these pollutants. So you need to keep your liver strong to take care of these environmental assaults.

Many medications, such as statins for high cholesterol, also affect and may strain the liver.

There are two natural ingredients that are cited most often for having a strengthening effect on the liver:

Glutathione is a major detoxifying agent for the liver. It removes chemicals, deactivates toxins and is also helpful in protecting against hepatitis, a rampant disease that has been on the rise.

Milk thistle has been used for centuries and is one of the most well-known herbs associated with liver function. In ancient Rome, milk thistle was used for jaundice because of its healing and protective effect on the liver.

Other compounds that support liver health include:

Alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA is an antioxidant that has powerful protective effect on the liver against the poisons in the environment.

Green tea may have protective effects against household chemicals, according to studies. Another study found that green tea decreased dangerous liver enzyme levels.

These natural ingredients have all been put together into my Liver Support formulation. So if you are on statin drugs (or other liver-affecting medications), are exposed to environmental toxins, or work around chemicals, you may want to consider this extra protection for your liver.

God is showing to us one of His natural pathways to healing in keeping you well.