East-West Graduate Hosts Evangelistic Music Exhibition in Spain

Angel Cano, a graduate of the East-West Bible training center in Sevilla, Spain, recently helped host a fascinating exhibition called Christian Footprints in Art: MUSIC. The exhibition allowed spectators to enjoy a walk through the history of music and to see the ways Christianity has influenced it.

During the inaugural ceremony, the speaker emphasized the importance of connecting music with faith. He also described and explained the spiritual and cultural relevance of the exhibition's content.

Through more than 30 visual displays and multimedia presentations, attendees of the exhibition learned more about the music, personal backgrounds and spiritual lives of well-known musicians of faith, including Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Händel, and Gabriel Fauré, along with current musicians like Juan Luis Guerra. The exhibition also featured a variety of concerts of faith-based music, including Gospel tunes, baroque religious melodies, and Christian pop. Christian Footprints in Art: MUSIC allowed people to contribute to the history and reflection of our Christian faith in a culturally relevant way.

To correspond with the exhibition, in the city of Arganda del Rey near Madrid, musical teaching workshops were held in the Monserrat Cabellé conservatory. Musicians performed a special series of concerts on the theme "Christianity in Music." Participants included the Madrid Gospel Choir and the Monserrat Caballé Conservatory Choir and Orchestra.

Last year, East-West Ministries helped in publishing a book titled Christian Footprints in Art: MUSIC. The East-West ministry in Spain was blessed to be a part of this unique event that communicated our powerful legacy of faith through music.