ECUSA's Thanksgiving Day Special to be Aired

The Episcopal Church USA announced its plans to host a national Thanksgiving Day, which will include a welcome from Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and a sermon preached by Bishop John Chane of Washington D.C. The broadcast, which can be viewed via internet or satellite television, will begin on Thanksgiving Day, at 10am Eastern Time, and will be available for viewing throughout the holidy weekend.

According to the Episcopal Church, the webcast is an “invitation to Grow in Gratitude” during the Holiday season. Advertisements for the event will run through several secular media outlets, including USA Today and CNN Headline News. The program may also be viewed via satellite television through the coordinates: AMC 9, Transponder K14, Downlink Frequency 11980 Horizontal.

The broadcast, which was pre-recorded from the Washington National Cathedral, also features ads from 11 cathedrals and other Episcopal congregations that will be celebrating Thanksgiving. The broadcast will also present a liturgy of “Morning Prayer and Eucharist reflecting themes that resonate with the uniquely American holiday that is Thanksgiving Day.”

The webcast and liturgy, and the efforts to position the program for telecast next year, are the shared project of the Office of Communication at the Episcopal Church Center in New York.

To view the broadcast, please visit: