Energy Secrets from Around the World

Many cultures around the world have identified unique herbal ingredients and other natural substances that help in dealing with fatigue.

If your energy levels are depleted, consider taking a natural approach to help build your stamina. These are some of the top-ranking and best ingredients we found from societies all over the globe:

The most common supplement to enhance energy is ginseng. This herb has been used for centuries to reduce fatigue and improve stamina by enabling the body to produce energy more efficiently. This is important because the greatest benefit is not simply in stimulating the body but rather in improving the ability of the body to produce more energy.

Ginseng comes in several varieties, including American, Asian and Siberian – all of which differ slightly in how they work. Siberian ginseng – also known as Eleuthero – has been shown to increase resistance to stress, fatigue and illness. American ginseng is similar to the Asian variety but doesn't produce some of the side effects of Asian ginseng, which can drive up blood pressure and cause heart palpitations.

If you usually reach for a cup of coffee to jumpstart your day, you might want to try these very effective alternatives to caffeine. Both maté and guarana are consumed as teas and in various other forms in their native South American countries to help relieve fatigue. In Germany, mate has been approved for the treatment of fatigue.

Guarana and maté can produce a noticeable increase in your energy level. These herbs are natural sources of caffeine, but tend not to produce the jittery-like effects of caffeine, nor caffeine dependency. And while coffee bean plants are often heavily sprayed with both herbicides and pesticides, and extensively modified through hybridization, this is not the case with maté and guarana. And unlike caffeine, guarana actually takes effect fairly slowly, over the course of a few hours.

The root of the rhodiola plant has been used for centuries by people in countries from Scandinavia to Siberia to help fight off fatigue and stay focused on repetitive tasks. This particular root extract has been shown to increase mental clarity and stamina, increase cardiac output and boost blood levels of beta-endorphin (a chemical produced by the pituitary gland that elevates mood, often associated with a "runner's high").

The Vikings used extracts of this plant during their long sea journeys. Even today in Tibet, a high mountainous plateau in the Himalayans, people rely on the rhodiola herb for increased stamina to help them endure their rigorous lifestyle.

Research done in western countries and in Russia indicates that rhodiola shortens the recovery time after physical exertion by increasing levels of ATP, a chemical produced by the body that provides cells with fuel. Typically, there is a more immediate effect with rhodiola than with ginseng.

A mushroom known as cordyceps has long been used in China for increasing energy and athletic performance. In the United States, a study presented by the American College of Sports Medicine found significant increase in the oxygen uptake in tissues for those using cordyceps supplements. This has led to improved exercise capacity and resistance to fatigue in those taking this herb.

But it's not just athletes that benefit from cordyceps supplementation. Chinese studies of elderly patients with fatigue found that those receiving cordyceps noted significant improvement in their levels of fatigue, in memory function and, interestingly, in their ability to tolerate cold temperatures.

In medical literature, the effects of using cordyceps are consistently described as "increased energy, increased stamina and increased endurance."

One of the most popular ingredients found in energy supplements – and in most energy drinks on the market today – is the amino acid taurine. It works on organs that have a high level of electrical activity such as the heart, brain, and retina. It also increases musculoskeletal activity, which increases the oxygen levels to the heart, and is essential for proper nerve function.

The key is to use small amounts of these ingredients in standardized, capsule form; the combination of fast-acting and longer-acting ingredients in lower doses work in different ways can improve energy levels. These herbs and nutrients that God has provided have all been combined in a safe, unique formula, Energy Support. Look for this month's online coupon at the top of this page and get 20% Off Energy Support!

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Be sure to rule out any medical conditions, such as infection, low thyroid, depression or immune disorders, that may be causing your fatigue. Your sleep, eating and exercise habits can also have a significant impact on your energy levels. Effective ways to increase your energy will be featured in the upcoming article, The Best Ways to Boost Your Energy.