By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
September 9, 2012|10:56 am

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Have you ever evaluated your level of commitment to the Lord? Sadly, many Christians have entered the door of salvation and settled down into their pews, expecting nothing more. But Christ wants us to decide deliberately to let Him be the Lord of our lives. This requires the surrender of all our rights and recognition that He's the one who plots the course. Our responsibility is simply to follow.

However, our natural tendency is to limit the areas where we allow God access. The day you trusted Christ as your Savior, did you keep the title deed for your life? Have you drawn a circle indicating, "This is the area in which I will serve You, Lord, but don't ask me to go any farther"? If so, you've failed to recognize that when Jesus granted you forgiveness, He also purchased you for Himself. All that you are and have belongs to Him. It's the height of pride to assume authority over that which no longer belongs to you.

When the Lord challenges us to do something beyond our self-determined boundaries, He is calling us to a higher level of commitment. No matter how dedicated we may be at present, none of us have yet "arrived." Each challenge is an opportunity to hand Christ full authority over every aspect of life.

You are only as committed as you are obedient to whatever God is asking of you at any given moment. If you've posted a "no trespassing" sign anywhere in your life, it's time to take it down. As Christ's blood-bought possessions, we are His not only by purchase but also by His sacrificial love.

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