Evangelicals Get Spotlight in Peru

Major media agencies dedicated broad coverage to the intense evangelical activity that took place last week in the Peruvian capital of Lima. According to the Latin American and Caribbean Communication Agency, considerable coverage was dedicated to the Luis Palau Lima 2004 Festiva.

Evangelicals Get Spotlight in PeruThroughout his visit, evangelist Luis Palau was hounded by the mass media. There were reportedly interviews in the halls, parking lots, corridors, as well as the more established interview locations. The news went out on several radio stations, including

Although major media are generally reluctant to publish activities that are not linked to the Catholic Church, news agencies such as the El Comercio and La Republica covered the Lima 2004 Festival. The secular news groups called the massive evangelistic event "one of the largest Evangelical concentrations in memory," and the "largest religious gathering to be held in Lima with the exception of John Paul II