Ex-Gay Ministry Head Criticizes Church Promotion of Same-Sex Marriage

The largest evangelical network of former homosexuals in the world expressed disappointment with the United Church of Christ's decision to endorse homosexual unions and said the resolution lacks a "truly compassionate" approach to the issue.

Early in the month, the UCC became the first mainline church to same-sex marriage within its pews, which came 35 years after it ordained an openly homosexual minister.

Former homosexual turned president of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, said he agrees the church needs to reach out more to homosexuals who feel alienated and excluded, but added that the United Church of Christ's recent decision is not the answer.

"Embracing homosexual unions, but abandoning the very truth that could change lives may be politically correct, but it is not true compassion," said Chambers. "Homosexuals need to know they are welcome at their local church, but they also need to know that hundreds of thousands of us have found freedom from the isolation and emptiness we experienced in gay life through the power of Jesus Christ."

Chambers added that the existence of ex-gays is living proof that the lifestyle is not an inherited trait.

"Therefore, marriage is not a civil right to be extended to any group of individuals who demand it," he said.

And that the union set up by God must be preserved as it was intended in the Bible so that those who are confused and questioning their sexuality can find healing.

"As a former homosexual who is now happily married, I am grateful for the laws that protected and esteemed this life-preserving, authentic union," he said.

Exodus International is a resource and referral organization with over 125 member chapters across North America. The organization has been in existence for 30 years and offers help to the over 400,000 people who contact the ministry each year.