Faith-Based PR Firm Bridges Christian, Secular News

The Christian public relations firm WDC Media is helping Christian news companies penetrate the secular media. The firm is hoping to take the Gospel to the secular world more powerfully through the use of news media.

An industry leader in Public Relations and Media Relations, WDC Media specializes in placing Christian news into the secular media. Their portfolio contains some of the most well-known Christian names including Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Passion of Christ.

Susan Zahn, Founder of WDC Media, commented on the challenge of creating success for the firm: “Talking to pastors and Christian leaders about crossing their message over as news to secular media was a real challenge when the agency was first founded," said Zahn, "I walked by faith and not by sight."

Part of WDC Media’s success is owed to their aggressiveness and diligence making personal contacts from their database of thousands of reporters, editors and journalists. According to Michael J. Vlach, Editorial Director for WDC Media, the firm strives to provide outstanding media content through a professional team of writers and editors.

Pastor J. Chavez, of Phoenix Inner City Church, praised WDC Media for their ability to work within secular media. Chavez says that the firm produced four separate stories for his church, which all resulted in media coverage.

An emphasis on inspiring the lost people in today’s society is what sets WDC Media apart from secular firms.

“We are a channel that the Holy Spirit is raising up in these last days to reach the lost through mediums they can relate to: news, TV, motion pictures, books, and music,” emphasizes Zahn. “It's all about His Glory, not ours.”