Falwell Seeks to Enlist One Million Members for 'Moral Majority Coalition'

Jerry Falwell launched on Nov. 15 a campaign to enlist the first one million charter members of The Moral Majority Coalition (TMMC), a group that aims to confirm pro-life judges, pass a constitutional Federal Marriage Amendment, and elect another conservative president in 2008.

TMMC is based on a similar effort by Fawell in 1979 when he founded the Moral Majority, which he claimed started a grassroots movement that led to the election of Ronald Reagan as president and gave birth to the “religious right.”

Inspired by the 30 million “faith and values” voters this election, Falwell said he is hoping to resurrect “the moral majority” through TMMC and “bring 40 million ‘faith and values’ voters to the polls in 2008.”

There is no charge for membership, announced Falwell in the National Liberty Journal. He invited readers to join by enlisting on the coalition’s website, www.faithandvalues.us, and said they would receive a charter membership card

Members who donate over $25 will receive TMMC Charter Membership Card, The Moral Majority Coalition Call-To-Action Information Packet and two “I Vote Christian” window statics.

“The battle is not over by any means,” wrote Falwell in his announcement. “We have thrown down the gauntlet. The left is furious.”

He added, “Everyone now knows that the stage is set for the church of Jesus Christ to turn this nation back to the faith of our fathers and the Judeo-Christian ethic. New Supreme Court justices can overturn Roe vs. Wade. The Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution can forever define the family as one man married to one woman.”