Filipino Church in U.S. Plants Six Churches through Medical Missions

Nearly one-third of a 200-member Filipino congregation flew to the Philippines on a medical missions trip and brought 2,243 patients and 1,662 people to Christ, according to New Hope New York.

At the beginning of July, 65 members of Bible Church International (BCI) in Garfield, N.J., visited eight sites, counseled in make-shift clinics and shared the Gospel, reported New Hope New York – the local offshoot of a nationwide initiative to change America's largest metropolitan centers through sharing Christ and starting churches

"We as a Filipino church know that there is so much need in the Philippines,” said BC pastor Jerry Lepasana, according to New Hope New York. “With the blessings that we have here, we feel like we should go back to the Philippines and do something for our home country. The best part is giving our members a first-hand experience in missions It gives them a fresh view of missions, and we've seen people respond with regards to giving more to missions because of their experiences.

"We met people who came to know the Lord two years ago who have since been discipled," Lepasana continued. "They were the ones helping us in those churches. It's amazing to see how the Lord used our first medical mission, seeing how those people have grown in the Lord."

According to Christianity Today, the modern-day marriage of health-care and Christian evangelism is unknown but quite successful. It has saved the lives of whole villages and introduced them to the transforming power of the gospel and is one reason for the rise of the church in Africa.

Already, the small Jersey church has planted six new churches, many of them adopting the name Bible Church International. Each time they go, greater opportunities were wrought for more fruit.

New Hope New York reports that the Filipino church plans to go every two years.