By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
January 22, 2012|10:08 am

Judges 16:28-31

At the end of his life, Samson cried out to God for enough strength to defeat his enemies and die (Judg. 16:28, 30). Had he only turned to the Lord before he found himself entangled with Delilah, the outcome could have been so different.

When you are confronted with a sinful temptation, your only real defense lies in God. If you turn to Him in your weakness, His Holy Spirit will guide you and govern your life. He is there to strengthen and protect you, but your compliance is essential. Three steps are involved:

1. Ask the Lord to make you alert and quick to identify any areas of frailty in your life. Then be honest enough to see your shortcomings for what they are.

2. Confess your sins to God by saying, "Father, I acknowledge that _____ is an area of weakness in my life." It's important to name the particular sin(s) that you struggle with.

3. Ask Him to give you the fortitude and wisdom to walk away from temptation, turn from distractions that corrupt, and avoid places that will lead you to sin.

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How many times did David cry out to the Father? He was pursued and tempted continually but found strength in the Lord (Ps. 57:2). When he forgot to call on God, his lust overcame him (2 Sam. 11:1-3).

The Holy Spirit lives within each believer. He is there to strengthen, guide, and protect every child of God. Choose to be obedient to the Lord, and He will help you walk in His ways. But refusing to admit your weaknesses-or worse, indulging them-will destine you for defeat.

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