Focus on the Family Undergoes Leadership Changes

Focus on the Family announced the retirement of its president and Chief Executive Officer Don Hodel on Friday, effective immediately. James D. Daly, its current Chief Operating Officer, will serve as Hodel’s successor.

“I want to offer my deepest thanks to Don and Barbara Hodel for the personal investment they have made in this ministry over the years, and that they will continue to make in the years to come,” said Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman, Dr. James Dobson

"Don told me that a common temptation for leaders is to enjoy their job so much that they end up staying longer than they should," Dobson continued. "He realized that the Lord had enabled him to accomplish what he had set out to do — and, indeed, what he felt called to do — here at Focus, and that it would be counter-productive for him to try to carry on beyond that point."

Hodel, who will retain his position on the Focus on the Family’s Board of Directors, was instrumental in reorganizing the ministry’s staff an operational structure.

“In the less than two years that Don has served as President and CEO, he has literally revolutionized Focus on the Family,” wrote Dobson. “He orchestrated a complete reorganization effort that we had just begun when he arrived. That initiation has enabled the ministry to enhance its effectiveness in reaching out to families both here in the United States and around the world. As a result of his tireless work, Focus on the Family is poised to be more efficient and effective in the future than ever before.”

The newly elected president, Jim Daly, is best known as the former Vice President in charge of Focus on the Family’s International Division. He also served as the Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Public Affairs, Group Vice President and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer for the ministry.

“The executive team here at Focus has been tremendously encouraged by his strong desire to 'stay the course' in terms of doing what the ministry does best — namely, extending a helping hand to struggling families and standing up in defense of the biblical values we hold dear,” Dobson said in his comments about Daly.

Dr. Dobson, Don and Barbara Hodel, and Jim and Jean Daly will be discussing this transition on the Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast on Wednesday, March 2.