Four Killed, Seven Kidnapped in Islamic Militant Attack

An Islamic militant group that has been terrorizing non-Muslim communities in the northern Nigerian states of Boro, Yobe, and Kebbi since the beginning of the year struck again on September 20, burning villages, killing four policemen and kidnapping seven Christians. The Borno governor informed media on Friday that he had ordered security forces to track down the members of the Islamic group.

According to reports, about 60 members of the Muslim sect known in Nigeria as the Talibans, attacked police stations in the towns of Bama and Gwoza, Borno state. After retreating, the militants carried out raids on Christian communities, killing, raping, and burning down houses.

One local Christian, Ezekiel Ibrahim told Compass news that the militants attacked several villages and police stations, killing people they perceive to be enemies of Islam, Christians in particular.