FRC Launches Petition to Protect Traditional Marriage

WASHINGTON – One of Washington’s top Christian lobbying groups has launched a petition aimed at getting “vulnerable” senators to pass a federal marriage amendment that would protect the traditional definition of marriage and prevent more states from legalizing gay ''marriages.''

“Without this amendment, liberal courts are likely to mandate homosexual ‘marriage,’” an action alert from the Family Research Council read. “When that occurs, every institution in American society will be pressured to change and to accept, even honor, this new civil right.”

The petition, which FRC launched on Monday, comes three months before the Marriage Protection Amendment goes before Congress. The legislation is scheduled for a vote for the week of June 5, 2006.

According to Tom McClusky, FRC’s vice president for governmental affairs, the petition is only one part of an “all-out effort” planned before the vote.

“We will be holding conference, debates, rallies, seminars, and even another simulcast,” McClusky said. “This is an issue that our supporters are passionate about, and we want as many people to sign the petition as possible.”

Last year, a similar amendment failed to pass at the Senate by a 48 to 50 vote. McClusky said he hopes the petition will make the difference this year.

“The Senate and House doesn’t seem like they got the message yet,” he said. “We will be sending these petitions out to senators in red states, blue states, blue republicans and red democrats, and of course those senators who are in vulnerable positions facing tough races this year.”

The petition urges officials to “use the considerable power and influence” of their office and “preserve our nation’s Judeo-Christian values and heritage for future generations of Americans.”

It also tells Congressmen that “I will be praying for you in the days ahead, that you will serve in the Senate with wisdom, virtue and courage.”

To date voters in 19 states have passed constitutional amendments to protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The Family Research Council plans to deliver the petitions to local senators one week before the scheduled vote.