Fusion Conference Helps Young Adults 'Take first step' in Living out Faith

People in their 20s and 30s have so many skills and so much passion but don’t know how to use it to live out their faith, according to Brian Mosley, founder of Rightnow.org, an organization which connects people with ministry opportunities based on their talents and interests.

Rightnow.org recently hosted a conference in which the connection process was streamlined to be “relationship-oriented and as friendly as possible,” said Mosley.

Around 1,700 people attended the “Fusion+Dallas” conference on Nov. 13 and had the chance to hook-up with about 60 different international ministries, which presented their offerings to seekers at the event’s Connection Café.
“We wanted it to be a place where attendees can walk in and they can sit and talk,” Mosley explained. “It wasn’t just about a brochure.”

In addition to receiving information about how to fuse their faith and life, participants also heard from top motivational Christian speakers including Bill McCartney, former coach and founder of Promise Keepers; Erwin McManus, an author of “Uprising,” a book that inspired the 2004 Promise Keepers conference tour and pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles; and Greg Matte, founder of the largest college Bible study group at University of Texas A&M. Worship artists Shane & Shane and Christian Hip-Hop artists GRITS performed at the event.

“There is a tendency in our generation to get paralyzed, not knowing what to do. Just do something,” advised Mosley, citing McManus. “You got these skills and these passions and God will use you. Just take the first step and move.”

After graduating from Baylor University with a Telecommunications degree in 1999, Mosley said he realized that many young adults didn’t know where to channel their professional skills. He then created Rightnow.org to help students and young adults to find ministry and mission opportunities. Mark McCartney and Justin Forman later joined his team.

Mosley said there is a possibility that the Fusion conference could come to Atlanta, Denver, Washington D.C. depending on the support of the churches.