Global Mission Leaders to Convene for Unreached People Groups

A global gathering of Christian leaders, churches and organizations focused on unreached people groups (UPGs) will convene next spring.

The Ethnê ’06 conference will be held in Southeast Asia on Mar. 7-10 with the aim to provide the opportunity for believers to meet and develop relationships, pray, and plan new strategic initiatives to accelerate “the movement of Christ among every people.”

Sources from Ethnê – Greek word for tribe, ethnic group or people – say over 27 percent of the world still have almost no access to hear or experience the Good News even after 25 years of emphasis on the unreached.

The conference will serve as a strategic initiative to reach the UPGs by connecting various regional and country UPG-networks together. Groups present will be Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization’s Least Reached People Special Interest Group, Transform World’s Least Reached Peoples Workgroup, and World Evangelical Alliances’ Mission Commission.

Convening groups include: the Philippines Mission Association; the India Mission Association Indonesian Evangelical Alliance; the U.S. Center for World Mission; and China Source.

Ethnê ‘06 will be a time to celebrate the progress among the least reached, assess current opportunities and resources, and accelerate movements to Christ among every people

A 12-month prayer initiative will follow the spring gathering and begin on June 2006 and end May 2007, focusing on the Least Reached Peoples of each of 12 geographic regions.