• google 2011 Q2 earnings conference call
    (Image: Screenshot / Google)
    Screenshot of Google 2011 Q2 Earnings Conference Call.
By Simon Saavedra, Christian Post Correspondent
July 14, 2011|5:23 pm

In Google's 2011 Q2 Earnings conference call, Larry page confirmed the following metrics for Google's popular platforms and programs such as Google+, Android, and Chrome web browser.

Google+ - More than 10 million users have joined so far
Android Platform - About 550,000 Android phone activations per day on average
Chrome Web-browser- More 160 million active users

Google also revealed a 32 percent increase in year-to-year revenues at $9 billion dollars and a 5 percent increase in quarter-to-quarter revenues.

Google confirmed a great and strong second quarter.