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Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher to Feature Together in Two and a Half Men Season Finale (VIDEO)

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    Hilary Duff
By Jon Campbell , Christian Post Contributor
April 3, 2013|9:14 am

Hilary Duff and Ashton Kutcher will be seen together in this season's finale of "Two and a Half Men," according to reports out this week.

The current series is scheduled to end next month, and as part of the finale storyline, Hilary Duff will feature as a special guest to play Kutcher's new love interest.

It has not been confirmed whether Duff's appearance will just be for a one-off finale show or whether she has been lined up to continue the storyline in the next season. However, although there is little specific information about Duff's appearance, it has now been seemingly confirmed that she will be featured at the end of this current series at least.

The former Disney star's appearance on the hit sitcom was first reported by E! News. The publication confirmed that Duff, who recently became a mother, will play a romantic part on the show with Kutcher's lead character, Walden.

Duff's character on the show will be Stacey, and the finale is said to begin with Kutcher becoming besotted with Duff and pursuing her. However, in what scriptwriters have added in as a comical twist, Kutcher later ends up falling in love with Duff's grandmother, played by Marilu Henner, who is best known for her roles in "Taxi" and "Celebrity Apprentice."

Duff gave birth to a son last year, and just recently she tweeted about her 11 month old child, telling fans that her boy had started walking: "Well I officially have a walking baby on my hands!" she tweeted. "It's hilarious . . . the wobble makes it look like he's 3 drinks in!"

The 25 year old actress is married to retired NHL player, Mike Comrie, and the couple were seen vacationing in Maui, Hawaii at the end of February.

Here is a video interview with Ashton Kutcher on David Letterman in 2011 when he first took the part of Walden on Two and a Half Men:

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