HK-USA Partnership Evangelism Closes with Thanksgiving

HONG KONG -- The "Hong Kong-USA Partnership Evangelism" program, organized by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong, closed successfully last month with an evening celebration on July 31 at the Sheraton Hotel.

On the very last day of the seven-day short-term mission trip, delegates from the United States and members of the eight local Baptist churches gathered at the Kowloon City Baptist Church for a Joint Evangelism Meeting. In the evening, the thanksgiving celebration was held.

Rev. James Cheung, the senior pastor of the Kowloon City Baptist Church, gave the keynote address during the evening celebration and explained the significance of the "Hong Kong-USA Partnership Evangelism" program.

According to Rev Cheung, the most important significance of the program was to reveal a clearer picture of the difference between the western and eastern culture. As western Baptists understand more about the Chinese culture, they will be able to share the amazing work of God revealed in the Chinese communities, he said.

Furthermore, the partnership evangelism program has ignited the passion for the propagation of the Gospel within the hearts of many Hong Kong young Christians, Rev Cheung added.

From July 25 to July 31, the 70-member delegation from the United States engaged in a wide range of evangelism activities in eight local Baptist churches, including children’s summer camp, evangelism evening, street outreach and home visit among others.

At the end of the July 31 celebration, all the USA delegates and members of the Hong Kong Baptist Church prayed and worshipped God together, hand-in-hand.

[Editor’s Note: Eunice Or reported from Hong Kong for this article and Kenneth Chan from San Francisco.]