Hundreds of Thousands of 'Books of Hope' to be Delivered to Colombian Youths

An Assemblies of God ministry that distributes Scriptural storybooks for children aims to deliver hundreds of thousands into the hands of children and youths in Colombia before the end of the year.

A total of 632,000 copies of the “Book of Hope” are expected to be distributed among children and young adults in the war-torn country, including those in the military and rebel army, with the hope that they can bring peace and healing to the lives of Colombian children.

“You’ve got an entire generation that’s just grown up within the fire storm of violence and conflict fueled by drugs,” said Bob Hoskins of Book of Hope International’s to Mission Network News (MNN).

According to the ministry, Colombia is a country that has experienced an ongoing civil war since the 1960s, is known for drug trafficking and extortion, and is the kidnapping capital of the world.

The Book of Hope is a compilation of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John specifically formatted for children to young adults with the aim to tell about the life of Jesus Christ and the way to salvation.

The Book of Hope has been astonishingly well received by not only the recipient children but also by government and military officials. According to Book of Hope, the Colombian military has requested a copy for every teenager and young adult in the ranks. Moreover, children forced to serve in the rebel army has also gained access to the book.

“Here’s the miracle; God has touched the heart of leaders in the Colombian military and they’ve asked us to bring the Book of Hope,” said Hoskins to MNN. “So, we’re actually delivering the Book of Hope to the army bases, to the navy bases and to soldiers in the battle field.”

“We found a ways and in the last month we delivered 2,500 books that are being distributed to these child soldiers that are out in the jungles with the rebel groups”

Hoskins and Book of Hope members hope that the book will end the conflict in Colombia like it did in El Salvador, the country where the ministry first started its mission.

“El Salvador had gone through seven years of violent civil war, and within one year after the distribution of the Book of Hope in all the schools, the civil war was resolved and peace has reigned there ever since,” said Hoskins to MNN. “I’m not saying that’s entirely the Book of Hope, but I dare to believe it had a tremendous impact.”

To date, over 330 million Books of Hope have been distributed worldwide and is available in 65 languages and dialects as well as age dependent versions.