Hurricane Doesn't Dampen Spirits at X-Fuge

The over 1,600 campers and leaders attending Lifeway's new X-Fuge summer camp at Panama City, Fl., had to evacuate when Hurricane Dennis warnings came.

The July 6-10 camp included extreme features, such as popular Christian artists and speakers at a vacation resort.

What wasn't expected was extreme weather.

When the hurricane was more than 48 hours away, X-Fuge staff continued with that day of camp, making the groups miss only one day.

"If the Lord had more intended for the week, there would not be a hurricane coming," said Tyra Lokey of Signart Ministries. Lokey performed dramatic sign language for campers during X-Fuge. "I think everyone got out of this exactly what they needed."

eAt the camp, participants learned about being salt and light through lessons delivered by student minister Bryan Currie, Lokey’s sign language performances, worship led by Tree63, skits that used various pop culture references, and an X-treme party at night.

"I had a great time," said 11th-grader Anna Pruitt, who came to camp with other youth from George’s Creek Baptist Church in Easley, S.C. "I grew closer in my personal relationship with God."

LifeWay originally planned to offer only one session of X-Fuge during this inaugural year, but high response - more than 3,100 campers signed up - prompted a second session, July 11-15, which Hurricane Dennis also shortened by one day. For more information, visit