IBS Introduces First Spanish Bible for U.S. Troops

Nearly one month after the release of a new translation for the 10 million speakers of the Shona language in Zimbabwe, the International Bible Society introduced its first-ever Spanish edition of Scripture for those in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Designed specifically for the Spanish-speaking members in the Army and Marine Corps, the text features IBS' contemporary Spanish Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) along with study notes all packaged in a military camouflage cover.

Spanish is the first language for about 25 percent of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to IBS Military Representative Chuck Adams.

"The percentages are somewhat lower in the other service branches, but the numbers are still very significant," Adams said in a released statement. "IBS knows from its broad experience translating Scripture into contemporary languages around the world how important it is for people to have God's Word in their mother tongue."

On a similar note, Editor of the Spanish Pentecostal Evangelical Magazine Efraim S. Espinoza said, "There is nothing more important in the spiritual life of a soldier than reading the Word of God in his or her mother tongue."

Ever since the War of 1812, when IBS first provided Scripture to American military troops, Bibles have been distributed to the armed forces in every major military conflict thereafter.

The latest edition includes a "self-contained" worship service, complete with prayers, hymns and suggested Scripture readings, to help military units without available chaplains to worship in small groups.

The military Bible follows IBS' new translated Scripture in the Shona language, which was presented to Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Arnai Joyce Mujuru late January. The Shona language is the dominant language in Zimbabwe.

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