IBS Launches National Volunteer Program

Last month, the International Bible Society (IBS) launched its National Volunteer program to mobilize people throughout U.S. communities who have a desire to promote the worldwide Scripture outreach ministries of IBS.

The 119:Network, which took its name from Psalm 119 in the Bible, was launched on Dec. 1, 2004 and provides the tools, training, and support necessary to ensure success in advancing the Word of God throughout the world.

“So many people around the world are struggling with life, searching for answers and for peace. The Bible provides both,” said Mike McNamee, IBS National Director of The 119:Network.

“We want others who share our passion for taking the Bible’s life-giving message to a hurting world to join with us in our mission,” McNamee continued. “As a volunteer, people have opportunities to deliver group presentations, set up display centers, represent IBS at events, and supply individuals with specialized Scripture materials.”

Since its founding in 1809, International Bible Society (IBS) has distributed more than 402 million Scriptures worldwide. IBS has also translated God’s Word in 88 of the world’s major languages and, in conjunction with Wycliffe Bible Translators, has published God’s Word in more than 600 languages.

To learn more about The 119:Network, call toll-free 888.222.5795 or visit online at www.The119Network.com.