IBS Offers Scripture in 41 Languages Online

The International Bible Society recently added its contemporary-language Korean New Testament to its website, bringing to 41 the number of translations the ministry offers online.

Through an alliance with Gospelcom’s Bible Gateway and IBS-Europe’s alliance with BibleServer.com, IBS provides online Scriptures to people in virtually every corner of the world, serving more than 1.5 million unique visitors each month.

Since the ministry’s web-based outreach began in 1995 with its New International Version (NIV) Bible, IBS has provided online Scripture resources in a variety of forms including: internet browser web pages with keyword and passage-search capabilities, resources for wireless devices such as cell-phones, e-book PDFs, and audio streaming.

IBS’s syndicated daily Scripture service, Daily Manna from the 'Net, is also available to other websites in many translations and languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian, NIV, TNIV, Spanish, Swedish, and Swahili.

“The most profound tool to reach people for Jesus Christ is the Word of God,” said IBS President Peter Bradley. “Therefore, we diligently strive to provide His Word online, as well as in a number of other media, in the language people speak today.”

In an annual report released by the Computer Industry Almanac – which compiles Internet user data for over 50 countries – the worldwide internet population in 2004 was close to 934 million. Some time this year, the worldwide number of Internet users will top 1 billion.

According to Alexa.com, an internet software subsidiary of Amazon.com, Gospelcom’s Bible Gateway is the fifth most visited site among all "Christianity" categories.