IBS to Provide 54,000 Scriptures Pieces to Survivors of Beslan Tragedy

In an effort to provide the hope and comfort of God’s Word to survivors of the worst terror-related human catastrophe in the history of Russia, the International Bible Society (IBS) will be distributing 54,000 Scripture pieces over the next several months.

“We are giving out these Scripture materials as quickly as possible to people who were involved in this crisis,” said Vladimir Sazhin, IBS Coordinater for the Northern Caucasus area. “We hope the Scriptures will truly ease people’s pain and point them toward God.”

IBS-Europe’s Scripture response began mid-September, shortly after a group of about 30 armed men and women stormed Beslan’s Middle School Number One seizing the building and taking 1,181 people hostage. After a three-day standoff, a shootout between the hostage-takers and Russian security forces left hundreds of children and adults dead and wounded.

Since then, the largely Christian town of Beslan, and the nation of Russia have been in a period of mourning while the Russian people attempt to move on with their daily lives.

According to IBS, the distribution of 54,000 Scripture pieces will be happening over time beginning with “Jesus & His Life”, an illustrated Gospels of Mark to Beslan children, and "When Your Whole World Changes” Scripture booklets to their parents.

“When Your Whole World Changes is especially helpful in addressing from a biblical perspective the questions people frequently ask in the aftermath of disaster,” IBS reported. Other Scripture pieces to be distributed include New Testaments, and Gospels of John.

Since establishing its Emergency Scripture Fund in 2001, IBS has provided these and other specialized Scriptures to churches and ministries to use in crisis outreaches all over the world.