Idaho Pastors Teach Grace by Offering to Payoff $10,000 in Parking Tickets

Pastors of a cross-denominational group in Idaho will demonstrate God’s teaching of grace on Saturday by offering to pay up to $10,000 in parking tickets for anyone who comes to City Hall and simply ask.

"We wanted to help people understand, in a practical way, that even though we've all made mistakes, God’s grace and forgiveness is received, just by asking," said Montie Ralstin, Pastor of Boise Valley Christian Communion, and president of the Christian Churches of the Treasure Valley association, sponsor of the event.

The group announced its offering at a news conference in front of Boise City Hall on Tuesday. The pastors stood by two posters that read: "Parking Tickets. Paid in Full. God's Grace. Your Gift."

On Saturday, pastors will come back to the City Hall in Boise and sit at tables with checkbooks in hand to write a check to the city for people who bring their original parking tickets. The offering will be conducted under a first-come-first-serve basis. Tables offering food and drinks will also be set up.

Ralstin said that parking tickets of any kind will be accepted, reported a Idaho-Press Tribune article which noted moving traffic violations are not covered by the offer.
The $10,000 was raised by donations from local businessmen.

The parking-ticket pay-off is the latest media outreach effort by Boise-based church outreach group, Mission Media. Earlier this year, Christian Churches of the Treasure Valley and Mission Media sponsored an ad for “The Passion of the Christ,” which aired on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1.

In 2003, Media Mission sponsored a contest to produce the best local T.V. commercial for the Super Bowl and aired the winning amateur ad ran as a TV spot on the day of the Super Bowl (

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