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By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
November 7, 2013|11:01 am

Colossians 4:6

In our desire to impact people around us, we often look to the example of individuals who have positively influenced our own lives. Many of us have known men or women who created a hunger in our soul to know God better. Seeing what a difference they made in our life, we may wonder if we could ever have that kind of influence on others.

The answer is yes, because God's Spirit indwells every believer, making it possible for any of us to be effective in significant ways. One way is by simply speaking words of kindness. When you notice that someone is depressed or deeply troubled over circumstances in his or her life, you have the opportunity to say, "I just want you to know that I love you and appreciate you. I know things look black right now, but I'm lifting you in prayer. You are going to make it." It may not sound eloquent or profound, but just imagine yourself receiving such encouragement in a time of need. Then you'll get an idea of how meaningful such comments can be.

Another way to make a significant impact is through the church that you attend. Every week, when you contribute to the ministry of Jesus Christ in that fellowship, the Lord utilizes your offering in ways you'll never be able to measure. He knows how to multiply your gift so it goes much further than you realize.

Because God wants all believers to have impact for His kingdom, He expects you to use the abilities and opportunities He has given you. Where do you begin? Right where you are-start by brightening the corner where you live.

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