Importance of Supplements

Never has it been more necessary for us to take responsibility for our own health. Dr. Cherry shares why taking supplements is the most important first, simple step we can take in achieving that.

There are many changes facing the American health care system. It is one of the most expensive in the world, and while the technology is very good, we just can't afford the costs of that system.

To counter that, we need to take responsibility to protect ourselves. It takes discipline, but the simplest way to do that is by taking a rounded daily supplement. Not just a vitamin/mineral, but a complex of nutrients that can protect you and keep you away from the expensive health care system.

The medical field is even coming around to that idea. A recent article in the highly regarded Journal of the American Medical Association stated, "Insufficient vitamin intake is the cause of chronic disease…Evidence shows that suboptimal levels, even those well above levels for sufficiency syndromes, are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis….A large portion of the general population is at increased risk for this reason."

The article also acknowledges that the evidence base for clinical effects of vitamins is increasing rapidly, and physicians need to keep up with new developments.

Most importantly, the authors of the Journal of the American Medical Association article said, "We recommend that all adults take a multivitamin daily. This practice is justified mainly by the known and suspected benefits of supplemental folate, vitamins B6 and B12 and vitamin D in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis, and because multi-vitamins at that dose are safe and inexpensive."

That is the first time that the Journal of the American Medical Association has ever made a recommendation for supplementation.

There is justification for taking not just the important vitamins and minerals, but also enhanced levels of antioxidants, substances that will help the nervous system and cells, and substances that address inflammation in the body, specifically omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, God created substances from whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, which we can now extract and take as supplements. These multiple nutrients from multiple sources and foods all work together to enhance, balance and replenish each other.

That's why I strongly recommend a supplement complex – something far beyond a basic multi-vitamin/mineral – that puts all of these together to protect your body.

People often say that they can't afford to commit to this as a daily program. But with escalating health care costs, you can't afford not to! You owe it to yourself, and to your family to take care of your health.

God said, "With a long life I will satisfy you and show you my salvation." But He also said we have to diligently harken to His voice, and His voice addressed the area of nutrition multiple times in the Old Testament. Six of the ten leading causes of death are directly related to nutrition.

Start with something simple. You need to eat right and exercise, but this is the first, simplest thing you can do. And with the costs and changes now facing the American medical care system, taking charge of your own health is more important than it has ever been.

God has made a pathway for your healing. You simply need to find it and walk down it, and use the discipline you need to stay on that pathway for health.