India Still in Critical Condition a Month After Flood

Exactly one month after devastating floods hit India on July 25, Christian organizations continue to offer support to victims.

Last month, Western India watched historic flood water levels reach 37 inches within a 24-hour period. The results of the flood include the deaths of at least 1099 people, and destruction of nearly 248,000 homes in over 6000 villages.

Christian organizations including the Salvation Army, Catholic Relief Services, and World Vision, and others, are providing ongoing support to the victims in India despite the fact flood waters have receded.

Alex Matthew, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) deputy country representative for South India says, “We want to make sure these invisible families are not being left off the list.”

These invisible families include the poor villagers who have lost their homes, possessions, and livelihood as a result of the flood and landslides.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army is continuing to distribute food alongside Catholic Relief Services in Western India. Additional ongoing relief efforts include building temporary shelter, providing sanitation items, and offering cash for work in restoring the land among others.