Inhabited Confronts Real Teen Issues

Girl-fronted rock band Inhabited will release its national debut, "The Revolution," on July 12.

As a ministry that focuses on teens, Inhabited has produced a record that confronts tough issues such as isolation, confusion, temptation, search for identity, and social pressure.

"I want our music to go where we cannot and speak to the people we may never meet," said lead singer Sara Acker. "I want to captivate even the skeptics and stimulate their thoughts, causing them to revisit their questions about God's existence. I want these songs to reach the unloved; I want the deaf to hear, the lost to find truth, the abused to find healing, the lonely to feel comforted, and the ashamed to live again."

"The Revolution" features fast-paced guitar riffs an bold vocals to go with their hard-hitting message.

"Something that's unique about Inhabited is the fact that I know they're passionate about bringing God's love into a hurting world, and I can hear it in the music," comments Industry Veteran Monroe Jones. "It's heavy, forceful, beautiful and encouraging all at the same time. I was blessed by the experience of working with Inhabited, and now I'm blessed by their friendship. Man, this band is the real thing."