Inhabited Ditches Record Label Over Album Issues

Christian rock group Inhabited recently left their music label, Fervent Records, over the release of their upcoming album, The Life Unfolding.

The news was posted in a hand written letter that was scanned and put on the band’s website.

“We are more excited about this project than anything we’ve ever done!” announced the band. “So, we delivered the cd to our label, who was a lot less enthusiastic than we were. After realizing they couldn’t get a hundred percent behind it, we knew we needed to leave the label and go in another direction.”

The group will now look around for another music label to produce their album with, which they have promised will release.

“Understand, Inhabited has never been more certain of the calling God has on us as a band!” said the band in their letter. “We will continue to pursue that vision with or without a label, because it runs in our blood!”

Besides leaving their label, the band also addressed the rumors that they may be splitting up.

“It’s been quite humorous to hear some of the rumors that have been reported to us about Inhabited’s ‘Big Break Up!’” explained the letter. “So, I want all of you to be rest assured that Inhabited did not break up!”

The band is scheduled to have nine more performances running from February to April. Most of the shows will be in their home state of Texas.

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