InterVarsity Greek Ministry Seeks Future Leaders through Conference

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship kicked off a two-day conference for college Greeks on Nov. 17 at the Warner Center Marriot in Los Angeles.

IVCF's "Intoxicateing" Greek Conference is part of the campus ministry's new drive to reach out to the students who often later become world leaders and will gather hundreds of Greeks from across the country to discuss real-life issues, investigate Christianity, be challenged and encouraged by other students, and get practical tools for living in the Greek system.

“The title of this year’s Greek conference was chosen because the desire for an intoxicating life has never been stronger than it is in the world today,” said Andy Dalton, director of InterVarsity’s Greek Ministry. “We look for intoxication in adventures, relationships, substances, sports, careers, possessions, and entertainment."

"But so often," he added, "we miss the most intoxicating life possible.”

According to InterVarsity President Alec Hill, there is a real need for the Gospel to reach this particular student group, but oftentimes they are underserved because the tight bonds in the community leaves little room for another.

However, InterVarsity now has staff who enter the Greek houses to work exclusively with these future leaders. "We're very excited about this," said Hill in a May 2005 interview with The Christian Post.

During the “Intoxicate” conference students can choose from a myriad of tracks to attend. "The Real Deal" track will help students who've been turned off by religious people come to understand what being Christian means. The "Day by Day" track focuses all students on developing their personal relationship with God rather than feel that spiritual life is bland and stagnant. "Choices" calls on students to keep make choices about alcohol, sex, priorities, self-confidence, and money. A fourth track, "Greek Ministry," helps students share their faith with their brothers or sisters.

The Greek alumni make up 30 percent of the Fortune 500 executives, close to 50 percent of all U.S. presidents, 40 percent of the Supreme Court justices, and 42 percent of senators. When considering that less than three percent of the population is Greek, the new Greek ministry strategy is to have a greater societal impact than the general campus ministry.

In order to reach as many Greek students as possible, InterVarsity will host the conference in two other locations: Indianapolis on Feb. 3-5, 2006, and Charlotte, N.C., on Feb. 18-20.