IPod: Now available in KJV

For those seeking to improve their spiritual faith with God, while retaining a cutting edge sense of digital chic, they need not look further than the BiblePlayer software – the fusion of audio and text versions of the bible with the hottest selling MP3 player, the Apple Ipod.

BiblePlayer is the brainchild of Pablo Mendigochea of Los Angeles. The idea for the software came to him after fiddling with his sister’s IPod and stumbling upon the notes feature. He immediately began to work on porting the bible to the IPod in both text and audio form.

Upon installation, the user can install up to 3 text versions of the bible including the King James Version. The bible is stored in the IPod’s ‘notes’ feature, which allows the user to store a certain quantity of text in the machine’s hard drive.

For a fee, BiblePlayer also provides an MP3 version of the bible – perfect for those hundreds of hours of hard drive space that the IPod boasts. For $29, the deluxe version of BiblePlayer provides the King James Version, World English version, and the Reina Valera - the Spanish New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Since the software’s launch in the beginning of October, the free version of the software has been downloaded over 7,000 times.

"I think this is another great example of people using the iPod in ways that Apple probably hadn't imagined," Mendigochea said. "Once I saw 'Notes,' I knew that it could work, and so far, the feedback from consumers has been great."

Following the success of the English and Spanish versions of the bible on IPod, Mendigochea plans to release the software in Dutch, French, and German in the near future.

The BiblePlayer represent a new outlet for the transmission of the Gospel. As technology continues to improve, even more creative avenues will emerge that will allow the more effective dissemination of God’s Word.