Is God Always Right Here?

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God . . . Psalm 95:6-7

Where is God? Some say He's up in Heaven. Some people who know the Lord Jesus say He lives inside them. Some say God is very far away. All of those answers are right! God is omnipresent–He is everywhere at once.

If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, you know God in a special way. The Bible teaches that God the Holy Spirit lives inside you! God has given you a special promise. In the Bible God says, "Never will I leave you . . . " (Hebrews 13:5). No matter what happens or what you do, God promises to always be with you.

Here's another promise to think about. The Bible also says, " . . . The Lord is my helper . . ." (Hebrews 13:6). Not only is God always with you, He is always there to help! He wants you to depend on Him to guide your life. He wants you to let Him help you with big things and small things. He is able to always give the help you need.

When you remember that God is always with you, it makes a big difference. You can know that He's always there to help, and you can worship Him wherever you go

Used with Permission