Jeff Deyo Surrenders Live Collection

The new Jeff Deyo album, slated for release on Aug. 2, is a live recording of the Parachute 05 Conference in New Zealand which had 20,000 people in attendance.

Called "Surrender," the collection features live versions of songs from his previous albums, "Saturate" and "Light."

Deyo, once a part of Sonicflood, went solo in 2000 as he felt his calling as a worship leader.

Parachute 05 is the biggest Christian music festival in the Southern hemisphere. Parachute Festival is a part of the wider vision and direction of Parachute Music as it plays a huge role in raising the standard of Christian music in New Zealand and exposes many non-Christians to the gospel.

Track Listing:
1. Ignition
2. Lose Myself
3. We Are Hungry
4. Let It Flow
5. Be Lifted Up
6. More Love, More Power
7. Jesus I Surrender
8. Keep My Heart
9. You Are Good
10. Interlude: Jesus
11. Nothing Less Than All Of Me
12. Bless The Lord