By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
September 22, 2016|2:10 pm

Jeremy Lin (Photo: Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

NBA player Jeremy Lin of Charlotte Hornets attends a forum as part of his Asia tour in Taipei, Taiwan, June 13, 2016.

Even though the Jeremy Lin phenomenon known as "Linsanity" died down years ago for most people, a comic writer hasn't forgotten it and is honoring the Brooklyn Nets star with his own Marvel Comic book.

Comic writer Greg Pak became a fan of Lin when he was dubbed "Linsanity" in 2012 after becoming the first player in NBA history to score 20 points with seven assists in his first four starting games with the New York Knicks. After creating the Marvel Asian-American comic book character Amadeus Cho with artist Takeshi Miyazawa, Pak thought Lin would fit perfectly into the storyline.

"I was here in New York when Linsanity happened and it never stopped for me," Pak said in a CBS sports report. "I followed him everywhere. I just love the guy. And at a certain point, I just found myself thinking, 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if the biggest Asian-American superhero met the biggest Asian-American sports star?'"

Pak is teaming up with artists Luke Ross and Bernard Chang to create the comic featuring Lin in December called, "Totally Awesome Hulk." When Pak reached out to Lin's people to get the basketball star involved, it was hard for Lin to turn down the honor.

"They had me with Hulk's hair. We're kindred spirits," Lin said. "It is an honor and a cool opportunity to become part of the Amadeus Cho, 'Totally Awesome Hulk' storyline. Additionally, I think it's great that Marvel is making real efforts to add diversity to its superheroes and their origin stories."

While Pak learned about Lin through the period of Linsanity where NBA stars, sports pundits, celebrities and fans alike were taken aback by Lin's rise to fame in 2012, the basketball player previously spoke about wanting to shed the persona.

"Everything happened overnight (with the Knicks). When it first started, I am not going to lie, it was cool, then it became a burden because I didn't know what I had gotten myself into," Lin previously said in a New York Daily News report. "I didn't know how big things had become. One, two, three years removed, every year I embrace it more, every year I am more appreciative, every year I love it more and that is where I am right now."

Since the Knicks, Lin has signed with the Houston Rocket, Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets and now he is gearing up to play with the Brooklyn Nets. Now that he is back in New York City, Lin insists he is not focusing on the period of his career known as Linsanity despite the media headlines.

"Even now, when I come back, I walk around anywhere and (Linsanity) is the only thing I hear," he said. "I will be myself but I don't really draw too many comparisons to Linsanity, the phenomenon. I am just going to keep playing. People will always kind of compare me to that."

In an email sent to his digital prayer group earlier this summer, Lin praised God for a new opportunity to sign on with the Brooklyn Nets.

"Praise God for the opportunity to play for the Brooklyn Nets. Coming into free agency I was hoping to find a team that would allow me to flourish and I know God has led me here by opening one clear door for me to walk through, which I am very thankful for," he wrote. "Praise God for my family, friends and agents who give me such an amazing support network. I can't wait for what God has in store for the future!"