Joel Engle is Definitely 'Made For Worship'

After six years as an indie songwriter/artist, Joel Engle made his label debut with "Made For Worship" on Feb. 15, revealing worship to be more than a musical experience, but the heart and soul of the Christian faith walk.

Worship is a way of life for Engle rather than something he just does.

"When Joel sat down at our small piano, his memorable melodies and Ewan McGregor-like voice immediately engaged my ear," said music industry veteran Darrell A. Harris who was inspired back into the recording studio after retiring. "His lyrics were scriptural, worship-oriented and profoundly personal as they told stories and painted pictures. Both the young man and his Christ-centered songs moved me to tears, and I was hooked."

The music and lyrics in the debut release reveal the testament of God's grace and power to overcome whatever adversity life brings.

Track listing:
1. Wonder Of Your Love
2. Louder Than The Angels
3. Shadow Of Your Cross
4. I Bow Down
5. Magnify
6. Living Sacrifice
7. Be A Father To Her
8. So Beautiful
9. We Need You
10. I Will See You Again
11. The Father I Never Had
12. Louder Than The Angels (Radio Remix)