Joy to the World Christmas Celebration Tour Kicks Off Nov. 25

Christian recording artists the Kurt Carr Singers, Martha Munizzi, Rachael Lampa and Bryan Duncan will share the stage this holiday season for Make It Timeless Inc.’s Joy to the World Christmas Celebration tour.

The tour, which will debut Nov. 25 and continue through Dec. 19, will feature professional sound, lighting and video as well as the Joy to the World band, which includes a horn section and background singers. In addition, performances from the artists will be done in a thematic presentation rather than in typical individual artist sets.

Make it Timeless Inc. CEO Christopher Redner hopes that the tour, which has an Easter counterpart beginning March 1st, will be a unifying experience for the Christian body.

“Christmas and Easter are times when Christians focus on what unites – who Jesus Christ is and what his birth, death and resurrection mean to us,” says Redner. “We’re producing events that will appeal to Christians regardless of their age or cultural background, experiences we hope will be truly unifying.”

Redner also sees the tour as a good opportunity for Christians to share their faith with their “unchurched” relations.

“More Americans are open to attending a Christian event at Christmas and Easter than at any other time,” Redner says. “Unfortunately, the meaning of the term Christian is changing in our culture. Many people think of Christians as a specific part of the political spectrum instead of bearers of the good news of great joy for all people that angels proclaimed to shepherds when Christ was born. We hope that the Joy to the World Christmas and Easter Celebrations will be events through which Christians can show their unchurched co-workers, friends and neighbors what being Christian is really about.”

Collaborating with the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration tour will be Children In Need Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness and understanding of issues that impact children and to encouraging people to help and support children in need.

"We're excited about what we're going to accomplish in the lives of children this Christmas through our charitable and corporate partnerships," Redner says.

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