Kanye West 'I Am God' Album for 2013: 'I'm Something People Believe In'

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  • Kanye West 'I Am God'
    (PHOTO:Rolling Stone Cover)
    Kanye West poses on Rolling Stone cover.
By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter
March 26, 2013|3:54 pm

Kanye West reportedly has plans to title his sixth studio album "I Am God."

West has yet to confirm that he will be releasing a new album in 2013. But a recent report has alleged that West not only has plans for a new album, but also plans on naming that album "I Am God."

The recording artist is "contemplating" the "half tongue-in-cheek" title, according to BBC, although referring to himself as God will not be the first offensive religious reference that West has made. In 2006, West posed for Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns and a sash across his chest. The article was titled "The Passion of Kanye West."

The year before the singer was awarded a Grammy for his 2005 track, "Jesus Walks." Defending the cover art, West said: "You want me to be great but you don't ever want me to say I'm great?"

In February, while paying a visit to Rio de Janeiro, West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian posed for a photographer while imitating the Christ the Redeemer statue.

In past interviews, West has acknowledged that he was raised as a Christian and believes in God and Jesus, although he is also open to other religions.

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"Christianity is embedded in who I am, so I will still say things like this is a blessing, amen, and still say prayers; things that your Grandmother embedded in you," West said during a 2009 interview, according to Phatmass. "But, I do not believe that other religions are going to hell, I do not believe in a lot of elements of it. I want to express to people that I do believe in God, but I also have friends whom are atheists."

In the same interview West also defined himself as a "brand" that other believe in.

"What I have to realize and what shocks people, or polarizes people is that I'm actually a brand," West said. "I'm something that people build up and believe in."


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