Kanye West Yeezus Tour 2014 Rant: Rapper Disses Sway, Charlamagne In Latest Rant

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By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
February 15, 2014|6:43 pm

Kanye West may have vowed to stop making controversial statements before 2014 started, but it looks like he couldn't keep that promise with his latest rant.

Kanye West (Photo: Facebook/The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Kanye West on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

West, the 36-year-old rap mogul, told his fans during a Penn State Yeezus tour stop that he was finished making his infamous controversial rants, but his latest speech about radio DJs Charlamagne and Sway Calloway had him going back on his word.

"Everybody who been writing all that (expletive) to (expletive) diss me and talk (expletive), what the (expletive) did you do," West exclaimed in another of his now infamous rants. "What have you done with the past 10 years of your (expletive) life, Charlamagne! Sway! What the (expletive) you did? (Expletive) these (expletive) names is. I AM YEEZUS!!!"

The comments came after West celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his first album "The College Dropout." He reminded his audience of what he has brought to the music industry over the past decade.

"This is what the (expletive) I'm talking about! 10 years of this (expletive)," he exclaimed during the concert. "If I go to a radio interview, shut the (expletive) up!! Shut the (expletive) up!! If you are on your talk show at night time, showing a picture of me and my girl walking, shut the (expletive) up!! 10 years!"

It was just last December that West told another crowd that he would stop ranting - something that usually ended up making media headlines.

"This might be the last time y'all hear me talk (expletive) for a long time. Might be another, like, six months. At least," he said during his Yeezus tour stop in Toronto, Canada last December. "I'm gonna tell y'all right now: All of the ideas, the things they call rants...save those tapes and everything. Because I've decided to completely focus everything in 2014 on all the new ideas, all the creative outlets."


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