Kevin Max Signs to Northern Records

Grammy Award-winning artist Kevin Max has signed an exclusive recording contract with Orange County, Calif.-based Northern Records. While a release date has not been set for the first project, recording is scheduled to begin in the spring.

“This is a unique opportunity to work with such an accomplished and talented artist,” explains Andrew Prickett, who is in charge of production for Northern Records. “There’s no reason to settle for anything less than amazing.”

Max, who is best known for selling over eight million records and receiving four Grammy Awards as a member of dc talk (EMI), said "I have been searching for a label that has both integrity and imagination, and I know I have found it in Northern Records.”

“It’s exciting to be with a family of people who get behind the music instead of the machine. I look forward to presenting the public with something that is honest, bold, dramatic and progressive,” he added.

Along with recording this spring, Max plans extensive worldwide touring to support the release of the new record and has a significant amount of touring already booked, including performances in Brazil in January, headlining the Noise Conference in New Zealand in April and a 10-city tour of Europe in May.