Kids EE Trains Memphis Adults for Youth Ministry

Two weeks ago, Kids Evangelism Explosion (Kid's EE) held a Leadership Training clinic at the Bellevue Chapel in Memphis, TN. The event, lasting Aug. 1-5, attracted adults from churches all over the United States.

The week-long event featured a series of three clinics, including one for Hispanic Spanish-speaking adults that attracted around 90 participants. The clinic was geared toward training adults interested in working with kid's ministries.

"I believe that children are the greatest harvest field in the United States," says Marcia Ardis, director of Kid's EE North America. Marcia also explained that the ministry was interested not in only reaching the children, but bringing entire families and relatives, and neighborhoods.

The highlight of the clinic included an "OJT" (on-job-training) visit to two local Christian daycare centers. There, the adults witnessed to about 100 children. Of the 100, Marcia reported, 49 came to believe in Christ.

"Children are receptive to the gospel of Jesus Christ," said Marcia. "I think the majority of children are waiting to hear the good news from Jesus. They do not know the message of salvation of Jesus Christ."

According to a Barna-statistic, most Christians come to know Christ between the ages of 4-14. This, Maria says, indicates that the best window to raise up strong Christians starts at childhood.

"Right now, in this generation we have ignored our children, and they have not heard the good news," Maria said. "We have a job to do. We all need to be equipped to share that news with children."

And not just to the children, she added. "We need to go out to the neighborhoods."

Kid's EE is part of the Evangelism Explosion (EE) ministries. Evangelism Explosion includes ministries ranging from adult ministries to youth ministries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Every year, EE conducts training clinics for aspiring ministry workers, young and old, worldwide.

Kid's EE's "wildest dream," Maria said, "is to have one Christian in every neighborhood who is equipped to share the gospel with the children."