KidsQuest USA To Set New Record

KidsQuest USA, an outreach program for kids, achieved a record of 25 KidsQuest USA events taking place across the U.S last weekend.

KidsQuest USA is a 3-night event performed using the KidsQuest Kit which is a pre-packaged children’s event, complete with scripts, costumes, props, and sound effects.

The KidsQuest Kit contains over 500 items that make this kit totally self-contained. It is delivered to the participating church in four Action Packers and 2 hard-shell golf guards.

While commenting on the record of 25 KidsQuest USA events, National Kidsquest USA Coordinator Jason Noble said, "Basically, our goal was to see every one of our KidsQuest USA kits around the nation in use during the week of Halloween and especially on the weekend.” He added, "We felt God stirring our hearts to encourage children's ministries across the United States to incorporate KidsQuest USA into their Halloween alternatives or to do KidsQuest USA as an outreach to families in their communities and then work to retain them in their churches."

Noble also indicated that the response to the campaign has been impressive and that he expects to see many more kids and families come to the Lord during future events.

KidsQuest USA desires to partner with churches who can perform the crusade with home missions churches, military installation churches, Indian reservation ministries, Convoy of Hope outreaches, inner-city ministries and other ministries across our Fellowship who need an outreach event for kids.